DINA here!  🙂

My family and friends use to call me Dina.  I was born in the year of the monkey so friends say  that I am really fun to be with.  One thing about me is that I laugh out that loud over funny jokes.

I’m now presently living at Cebu City. An  Associate (2-year course) Software development graduate here in Cebu. I may love making systems & websites but totally my interest drastically changed. It just that there might be some specific circumstances that I decided not to pursue it.

I am now pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Arts major in English at one of the well-known University here in Cebu  and hopefully I will be able to graduate this April, 2018.

I have been working in a call center industry  since last 2013  upto the present and had tried ESL teaching where I taught Japanese  student. I currently worked as an ESL teacher ( a home based job) in one of the largest online ESL  in Asia.

Writing is my passion ever since. In a long run too, I have a late realization that I wanted to be a teacher. I’m a girl with a dedication on her new direction. I believe that everyone is a unique individual and that life is a GIFT.

Adventure and travel excite me. To travel the  beautiful places in the world is my greatest dream.

Being optimistic keeps me going!

MY MESSAGE:    In our every desires, it is not about a genius blood but it is how we get inspired  to do great things. Go find your journey for those dreams you want to accomplished and be an inspiration to others. In all your accomplishments, just don’t forget to give thanks to HIM- Our Creator!



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