Why Bantayan? Here’s the 2Days Travel Guide Itinerary.



WHY BANTAYAN?  What is really in Banatayan  that most  people would love to visit?

Bantayan Island is one of the most suggested & recommended places to visit in Cebu  when we talk about beaches and white sands. One of the places people  would like to visit too if they would just like to cool off and relax.

Bantayan has 3 municipalities namely Bantayan (the largest municipality, covering the central part), Madridijos, and Sta Fe.

The most visited by tourist is Sta fe. In fact, Sta Fe, Bantayan was featured in one of the blockbuster movie  and was even set as the main settings of the said movie, Camp Sawi.

The movie was all about the 5 ladies who was broken-hearted and went to a remote place to find time for their self since they are having a hard time moving on. After the release of the movie, it  boast the popularity of Sta. Fe especially the Kota Beach Resort which is the main settings. After  then, many people visited the place, took pictures on Camp Sawi and post it on social medias  with the caption: “Nagmahal, Nasaktan, nag Bantayan!” #CampSawi!. It was then trending through Facebook and Instagram.


Things to consider in visiting a Place.

It is a wise move to research the place before going there. Most of the time 2 or more pictures would entice us to visit the place and the fact that you are reading my blog is one of the reason too. ( Just Kidding) Let me share the beauty of Bantayan and help convince you why Bantayan should be on your bucketlist; Most specially, STA. FE.


What is really in Sta Fe Bantayan that mostly people decided to see it?

  1. THE BEACH. I was able to confirm how beautiful the beaches that Banatyan Island owns. We spent our stay at Kota Beach and it owns such a very wide range of sandbar match with the white sand and a crystal clear water that you would totally love to stay  and wants to get tan. The long sand bar actually adds the beauty of the beach. It’s really wonderful! (kaduwa-an jud siya ug dakop-dakop)

This is the view in front of the reception area and cottages ; look at the long sandbar…


view from the reception


A great time to relax and talk under the sun


this is the cottages from Kota Beach Resort where we stay


Paradise Beach

paradise B.jpg

photograb from site



This beach, according to some reviews I read is one of a kind. They preferred going here rather than visiting the well-known  Virgin Island. This beach was remained untouched and a real paradise. Pictures and some blogs testify it on their post.  That’s make me more curious why.  So when we are there, we “attempted” to visit it and it turn out to be a very creepy adventure experience. HAHAAH

Tips: It is good to visit if you are in a group. I  don’t recommend you to visit if you are just with yourself and a friend alone.

OUR  EXPERIENCE:  In our case, we are both girls and the fear is with us as we hike along during that time. At first, the excitement and enthusiasms is with us. “Full-Pack” energy as we went along but after a long minutes of hiking with our bike,( that adds to the burden) we both felt that very strange and creepy moment and we realized we are totally Lost!



I felt a bit dismayed and due to fear  and for  security reasons we back out.


When we saw and reach the main road,  we felt a bit of relief and totally burst out to laughter and sigh, “what the heck are we doing?

So tiring but the fun was there.

  1. Fall In love with the Sunrise and the Sunset!





This Island, away from the very noisy and crowded city, is a great place to relax and to think of  a happy thoughts.

I would highly recommend this place, specially the resort where we stay if you want to find time for your self or maybe if you just want to escape  from a busy life you have currently. Give your time to relax too and enjoy it. Have fun and comeback with a satisfied and well-spent vacay.



taken @ Kota Beach Resort

For couple, the place has a good ambiance too where the too of you could have the best time for each other. ( wink!)

  1. Fall in Love with the Fun and the Experience.


A lot of things you can do in Bantayan. On of the things I enjoyed most is biking. It was really a blast!



There is an option for you to rent a motorbike or bicycle.  As soon as you reach Sta Fe port/terminal, there are a lot of offers there. It cost P130 each for the bicycle rental.. Some offer it for P150 so you should learn to negotiate. There are also offers for tour on different known place at the island for P300-P400 good for 2 persons already. It covers to tour you around to known places there.  In my part, it is more exciting to discover their place through riding the bike without any guide at all.

Being spontaneous make it more fun and a real  adventure!


So we decided biking and here are some of the nice places that we had been to…


Does it looks like the ruins in Duma?




And it was undeniably beautiful..


Dare to jump? Why not!




It was indeed!

The only thing that makes a bit sad is that some of the people there just throw their garbage anywhere near the cliff.


just by looking with this, I know how you feels though.

But in spite of that, that place for me is really nice.



From beaches to other nice spots, we were tired yet it was a total fun.


We visited churches too…



I was happy when  I saw a Seventh- Day Adventist Church their.

Also,  since food inside the resort is a bit expensive, we decided to bike all the way to JM Square.



For 2 days span, we had visited a lot of wonderful places. It will not be hard at all to locate those places since you can just ask the locals and it’s not that far from Kota (well, except for the Paradise Beach)

HOW TO GO THERE ( The Earlier the Better)

  1. If you are from Cebu City, ride a bus from North Bus Terminal (P165.00) to Hagnaya. Travel time: 3-4 hours.

If you are not quite familiar how on to go to North bus Terminal, from SM City Cebu, ride a jeep going there.

If you are from Lapu-lapu, there are a lot of ways to commute going to the terminal. A taxi is an option but it is a bit expensive so I suggest you ride a jeep and ask the driver to drop you off to Highway and from the Highway, you can ask some drivers which jeep is heading to North  Bus Terminal.

  1. From Hagnaya Port to Sta Fe takes approximately an hour an a half. Fare is P170.00 and  P10.00 for terminal fee.


Touch down Sta Fe.  We arrive at around 11:00 Am and manong Dodong  from Kota Beach pick us up from the terminal through their van for free. It’s more convenient if you book in advance. From the tiring hours of travel and waiting, the comfortable seat of the service and the smell of the air-conditioned van is heaven for me. Oh-oh! Hmmm


Tips: Book in advance.
Now, is 
it worth the spent?

We choose the Standard Aircon Room = Php1,400.00

  • 1 Double Bed or 2 Single Beds
  • Airconditioned
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Separate c.r  and Shower room
  • a lot of outlets (Yes, this is true! We never really had a hard time finding extra outlet to charge our gadgets. They have enough)

>>> If you are in a real budget,  you can consider  their Standard Non-Aircon Room= Php900.00

  • 1 Double Bed or 2 Single Beds
  • Located on 2nd Floor
  • Outdoor Terrace

>>> They have the Deluxe Cottage – 2nd to 4th Row
2nd Row  – Php 2500.00
3rd & 4th  – Php 1900.00

  • Double-sized Bed
  • Day-lounge Sofa
  • Aircondition
    Note: Prices above may change base on the resorts  promo and some other seasons.


You can also try to check their website:
Contact: T +63 32 438 9042     C +63 956 276 4410 (Globe)




My vacation there was a a day after my birthday and I couldn’t thank enough of my friend Aubrey for the surprised she gave me when we were there. I was really touched and everything that happened on that place was truly priceless.


Our whole loooong travel is truly worth  the F-U-N and that with this,  I am so thankful that  I have been given the opportunity to enjoy life and celebrate with it.


Thank you for reading my blog. If you have some questions feel free to ask and add your comment here and I would really be glad to respond.




  1. shan

    what is the exact time you rode a bus at the north bus terminal? 5am or 6am or?


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