Chase More and Become a Historian! A Short Trip to Mantayupan Falls, Tumalog Falls and Heritage Park in Cebu, South


Sometimes  when you are too stressed and so bombarded with a lot of issues and negativity, you feel that you want to escape out from the box. What I’m trying to say is sometimes, you just really want to breath!

Traveling , as they say is the best refresher. Positive thinking gives positive outcome. Have a break for a while  and I’m pretty sure you’ll come back satisfied. It is then you can start going on your way.


This trip was really unplanned. However, let me take you to some of the nice spot I had been to. Tara Lets! (Let’s Go!)


Mantayupan Falls


Mantayupan Falls are located close to the eastern end of the Carcar—Barili Road where it connects to the national highway.   As of the record, this falls is the highest falls in Cebu. It has a height of 98 meters (321,518 ft). I seen a lot of  photos of this on social medias of how enticing this falls  is. So it was then part of my bucket list to visit this God’s beautiful creation as one of my “chasing waterfalls desire” for this year too.


Aside from the fact that the Falls has been one of the tourist spot in the area, Mantayupan falls has been providing hydro-electric power  for  Barili for a long years already.

It has been a great help also in their rice fields  and on some fish ponds  near in the area. The entrance fee is very affordable.

Entrace only cost P20.00. Too budget friendly isn’t it?  If you wanna go there with friends,  you can bring your own food with no corkage at all. At the entrance, they also have their own store where you can buy some foods to eat and some drinks for a cool refreshment. Awesome!


way  to the real beauty, Mantayupan Falls!


wonderful and too refreshing isn’t it?


However, I don’t feel swimming there since the water is really not that clear and I don’t feel comfortable swimming if there are a lot of crowd (P.s.  Don’t get me wrong with that) Mantayupan Falls is really  good.

The fact that you gonna stand there as you witness this  tallest splashing flowing waterfalls, it’s totally one of a kind feeling!

Pretty awesome!


Level 1 🙂


  1. From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus which has a route of “Bato via Barili. You really don’t have to worry because  those buses actually would stop at Shamrock;  but just to  be safe, better tell the driver in advance that you want to be dropped by at Shamrock area.
    TIPS: Aside from asking those some passengers next to you to know  if you are almost reaching your destination, Google map is really a good help for you to determine if you’re almost there.

BUDGET: P 173.00 – ( air-conditioned) From South Bus Terminal to Shamrock
P 30.00/head–  motorbike/Habal-habal (From Shamrock to Mantayupan Falls)
P 20.00 – Entrance fee

SOME SUGGESTIONS:  Some of the good  place that Barili is known of are the Tilapia Fishing Village and restaurant. Traveler Drew Arellano actually visited Mantayupan and this Tilapia Fishing Village last year (2016). I had watched the video of Mantayupan Falls taken through bird’s eye view with the use of the drone, that totally was amazing!  Some good spot they have is the  sayaw beach and Sayaw rock formations and boloc-boloc Spring.

Well in my case, my time was really limited so I never really took the chance to go there. As part of that day travel, I headed to Oslob. Oslob is also very famous in regard to this famous Diving Center where you can swim with the gentle giant. I tried it last year and it has been one of the great and fun experience I had.


This 2 Photos (swimming with the butanding) was taken last year…


A lot of tourist would really go there to really try it. I can’t blame them. It’s really great! In Philippines, I believe it is just only in Cebu and in Donsol where some people could swim with this gentle giant especially if you are really not a swimmer!

As part of that chasing waterfalls  day travel adventure, I headed to Tumalog Falls which can actually be found in Oslob too. Way out there, you really have to ride a motorbike (habal-habal) since it is really not a hiker friendly road.  Way down to  Tumalog Falls is quite challenging but that pays off because the beauty of the place on my way there is priceless!



Pardon me but very time I witness a view like this, my heart beats fast like I was really in love. (HAHAA, char!)

This is one thing why I love the south part of Cebu because of this fantastic views and a lot of great places Cebu could be proud of.




This is quite different from the other waterfalls I saw.  As for me, though the water volume that falls down are not really as much as with the other falls, that actually makes it unique. It is for me truly majestic, quite different indeed! You may not be able to truly appreciate when you are a bit far from this falls but once you decided to go near, it is then you would feel that it is indeed unexplainable. Truly God’s wonders are wonderful.

Tumalog falls is kinda wide and tall that even go pro users complain they can’t hardly capture the whole picture of it.


People long time ago would describe it as beyond magical! Turqoise water pool, the cascading waterfalls that falls, it forms like an umbrella shape due to the rock formation too.

SWIMMING:  Compared to the pictures I saw on social medias (though water level is not deep, just knee or hip-level only) well, for me I am just a bit dismayed because when I saw  the water pool,  it’s brown. Better take a cold shower under the falls.

THE SAD PART: As per visitors and other tourist who came here a few years back, it was totally different compared today. WHY? The volume of water  that is flowing now is less compared before.There was really  a great and big difference compared today and before.


We might probably say it’s due to the fact that Cebu experienced El Niño last year. However,  it’s not because of the drought. We are  experiencing long rainy season for this year and Tumalog falls was still not that the same as before (less water). As from the locals, a community residing at the top hill part of the falls created a reservoir and it keep some of the water from flowing down. With that, the real gem that was intervened by humanity totally affect the original beauty of Tumalog falls which is the “real sad part”.  I know that humanities has a NEEDS too  but we must also find ways to restore and to nourish the nature that was intended for us  to take care of.


In spite of this, the beauty of Tumalog falls still left me in awe.  Breathtaking!

This falls got a lot of attention by others  from a side trip  for people who wish to see the butandings. Some travel tours include this one on their packages with their guest who book with them. By estimation, it would just take 15-20minutes from whale watching site.


a place you could rest at Tumalog Falls


  1. If you are from the butanding diving station, there are a lot of motorbikes driver asking if you would like to side trip to Tumalog falls. The Standard fee is just P50.00 (back and forth already). They will drop you at the registration area. From there, you have the option to ride another motor bike (P30.00) or to hike . Believe me guys, you would also choose riding a motorbike rather than hiking after you will see how too slope the road is. While on our way to the registration area, I ask the driver how much would it be as well if we’ll go to Cuartel (which is actually my last spot to visit) He told me I just add P100.00 and he’ll drop me there.

From the registration area when I rode another motorbike going to Tumalog, I asked that second driver how much would it cost if I just ride a bus and drop at Cuartel, he told me it is a bit cheaper. Probably P20.00-P30.00 only and I was like: Aha!! AHHHAHAHAHA

When I went back, I told the driver I would just like him to drop me at the junction where I could just ride a bus. It was then he told me: “ How about you’ll just add P50.00?  Anyway my route is there and I’ll be going back home”.  Alright then! Of course since this is a brilliant  idea and a  savings too, it’s a deal. Salamat kuya!



If you are more into witnessing the remains from history, you may try to consider visiting the heritage park. This park has a great story behind those unfinished building created a long time ago  during the Spanish days when they stayed here.

You could reflect and somewhat imagine what this place looks like during their time,  a too old time.



The most relaxing area there was in the baywalk side. There are benches at the front side of the baywalk with green bermudas which people could actually sit in while enjoying the fresh air coming and listening to the music of the sea breeze. Sounds a good dating place for a couple! ❤




This building made of coral  blocks  exactly looks the same as a Spanish barracks.  This what they called the Cuartel.

This was intended supposedly for Spanish  soldiers or the guardia civil. It was started 1860; calculating from it, (today is 2017) So it has been ….( let me just get my calculator)  157 years already since it was built.

However, this Cuartel was still remained unfinished since the Spanish occupation end by 1898. With that, for 38 years  the Cuartel remained unfinished from the time they built it until the time they left. It made me wonder why  they did not finish it.

Just near the Cuartel, are the ruins of an ancient watchtower.
At the back of the Cuartel is a small museum….



at the front  door of the small museum and at my back is the Cuartel

30 years before the Cuartel was built, the present-day church of cut-coral stone was started. It is said  that it was built by the year 1830 and was finished 18 years later.  The adjacent bell tower was built at the year 1858.


The church was burned down  during the World WarII   by the year 1940’s  but was eventually restored.



Outside the walls are the remains of a watchtower which they called the Baluarte. Baluarte is actually a  Spanish word.  It was built  by the year 1788.  The main purpose that they created this is basically to  provide a safe place wherein the guardia civil could observe the surrounding area.



“The one who  does not remember history is bound to live through it again.” – George Santayana

Sometimes, it is better to personally see the place rather than hearing it a lot of times. While researching, witnessing and writing about this, it feels so good  that a got a bit of background about what happened on this place. This place has it’s own story only  history could tell…

Ps. video will be posted here soon. You could also watch in on my Facebook Page




  1. Southern trip is always been a favorite of mine since then.
    I simply love the dramatic touches of history and nature.
    However, I never had tried the Whale shark watching in Oslob due to my personal reason and advocacy.But sure it has been a fuzz and a must experience in Cebu!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s truly is! South of Cebu is always been one of the great place in Cebu.
      Thanks for viewing my post and taking time to read it. Hope to read more of your travel diaries too.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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