Discovering The Scenic View of Cancuay Beach Resort: A Travel To The South of Cebu


scenic view : the view from the road

As released by Conde Nast for 2016 Reader’s CHOICE AWARDS, Philippines scored the biggest. Only in the Philippines where you could find the “THE WORLD’s BEST ISLAND (Boracay) and the World’s SECOND BEST ISLAND (Palawan) and the Fifth WORLD’s BEST ISLAND (Cebu) for the TOP TEN  WORLD’s BEST ISLANDS.

Source: NewsBeat Facebook Page

This prove how amazing and beautiful Philippine is for having such a great natural resources & spots. It makes us Filipinos and Cebuanos proud. Thinking about getting the First, second and the fifth spot, we nailed it out! (Maka-proud!) And yes, you read it right! Cebu was recognized as the 5th. Note that we are talking WORLD’s Best Island on that report.

But let’s talk more about CEBU which is famous for its wonderful beaches.
I was intrigue one time when I check on social networking site about Cancuay Private Beach Resort. I did not expect a lot on this place because I might get a ” reality vs expectation” impression again. Well, that’s what I’m thinking because this is somewhat a usual case in expecting too much.


This is exactly a nice place  I am looking  for to have some fresh air out from the City and fun at the same time …



From Cebu to Tan-awan, Oslob where Cancuay Private Beach Resort is located, it will take approximately 4 hours of travel. Just make sure you bring your headset with you in case you will be bored in your travel,  you have something you can enjoy with. However if you’re traveling with a group, for sure, that road trip would surely be a long loud-laughtrip together! That’s given. 😃

So let me guide you now: (HOW TO GET THERE)

  1. If you are from Cebu City, go to South Bus Terminal and take the OSLOB-BATO bus. ( Inform the driver that you’d like to be dropped at Cancuay Beach Resort, that place is quite familiar for them)
    Air conditioned bus=P165 ; Regular Bus=P 148.00

You’ll see this post once you’re in the place….


along the way post



The moment I saw this scenic view, it knocked me out! —“WOW!” I don’t know if it is just me but, views like this would always makes me fall in love with the place. From here, you could also see the stunning Sumilon Island ( I love to go there next time, hopefully).


Now, let’s take more steps down….
Going down, you have to take the 100+ steps (Tiring!).


So after the 100+ steps that you have to take….




Taking a little more steps down, we pass the registration area. From here, you can hear the roar of the sea waves and the sea breeze that makes you feel EXCITED!

And we’re here:


it’s all worth it!


We are greeted by the nice ambiance of the place and the cottages.


my sister feeling overwhelmed …. Peace!


And tell me who wouldn’t feel excited if you see this?

The sea is enticing and it seems like the sea is calling us…


Here are some photos I like to share


You can have your own time to relax and feel the breeze of the sea … #natureloverbelike


look at the this big rock formation..

1. This place may not be really good for swimming for the kids or nannys but with great supervision given, it’s fine.



waves… waves… waves…


You can just imagine this big waves..

  1. Food Accomodation : There is no corkage so you can bring foods as many as you want!
    Cottage Price  & Entrance Fee: P120.00/head ( for adults) and P50 for kids  up to 10 years old only. Infants are Free :-). This  includes the entrance fee and the cottage already plus they allow you to rent some life jackets for P50.00 if you want.

Snorkeling materials  might not be available  from them because I did not see any so you can  just bring your own.

If you want to stay for over night I believe you can bring your tent or you may stay on their rooms but for the pricing just inquire from them.

3.. Don’t expect too much since the sea is really not that crystal clear as compared to other beaches I have been to in Cebu but definitely, this place is truly scenic because of this large rocks that makes the place so dramatic and great! If you are more into diving and snorkeling, the better. (How I wish I would learn diving, like a real certified diver)


You can bring your love ones, families, relatives and friends here. I guarantee that this place is one of the nicest place which is perfect for fun and bonding as well.

Of course,  we won’t return home not unless we do have picture of our self taken from that place…


my sister trying to be like, like…. ( oh never mind) 🙂


stolen moments…


Overall, we got all our day all by ourselves since my sister and I are the only guest here on the day…

In case you may like to visit this place,  consider diving with the WHALE  known as the GENTLE GIANT of Oslob 

Tumalog Falls is also found in Oslob so you may consider your next stop  from there.


We totally have a great and FUN-tastic day together! ❤





  1. I am happy that they have improved a lot since my last visit.
    I can still remember the time when my team and I went there because of the viral photo posted in IG then but ended up disappointed. Thanks for sharing!
    I wish to be back here this summer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sparing a bit of your time in reading my blog post 😀. Hope to read some of your other travel diaries too. I Cebu South has a lot of great places to be proud of. Keep posting!😃


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