Hermits Cove: The Hidden Paradise of Aloguinsan

The place leaves me breathless! I was Definitely in love with the view and it left me in total awe!
The heat of the sun and the struggle we had with the ride of the habal/habal) was entirely worth the struggle. The way to hermits cove is not yet fully developed so drivers are careful enough for the road is kinda difficult . But once you witness the beauty of the place and the grandeur sight of a bird’s eye view for the entire sea  horizon, added to the beauty is the fact that you’re in a valley- It was entirely Beautiful!
 “I don’t know if it’s just me but the place toke my breath away! As in WOW! “

the moment I saw this, I let the driver stopped for a moment so I could toke a picture.



Take note, we never reached our main destination yet. So I could just imagine how much would this place looks like if this will be fully developed. The place is definitely unique among other place I’ve been to.  My eyes can be compared to a camera trying to adjust the zoom lens to capture entirely even the smallest details of the place. And the sunset… Aggghhh , amazing!

The Sunset….



Heading there….

almost there…

And finally, we’re here: Welcome to Aloguinsan, an ecological gem waiting to be rediscovered.



Cherish and I immediately took pictures


Before we trek down, let’s try to know first more about their place.

Hermits cove is found in Aloguinsan. Aloguinsan has really a lot of interesting story to tell about their place that connect to the old days time of this place, back when it was still a hidden place which no one attempted to wander except for the hermits who once live on this place. His name was Tabogon Suelto. Thus, it’s called Barangay Kantabogon- quoted by the staff from Hermit’s Cove.


As from their  story,  there were a few giant clamps that were extremely dangerous. Once the giant species caught your shadow, you will surely die. However, before the Hermits died he killed all of them. So then, people can safely went to wander the place.
Aloguinsan was formerly a barrio of Pinamungajan. It was created a town by the Royal Decree of the Kingdom of Spain in 1886. Bulwarte, a historic landmark, still stands as mute testimony to the courage of the early inhabitants of Aloguinsan. Because of the frequent Moro attacks, the natives, under the supervision of the Spaniards, constructed a watchtower on top of a hill at the mouth of a river. From this vantage point, they could see incoming Moro vintas. One night (a full moon and favorable winds), the Muslim invaders approached the village. With old people, women, and children safe behind the hills, the men began firing their cannons and did not stop until the pirates had been annihilated. It was the end of Moro assaults. The historic hill of Villona between the barrios of Olango and Cawasan was also the site of a battle between the American forces and Filipino revolutionaries. The rebels under the leadership of Anastacio de la Cruz encountered the forces of Lt. Walker on Holy Thursday, April 1903. Lt. Walker and a number of his men were killed. The following day, Good Friday, Lt. McCoy took over the command of the American troops and outfought the Pulahanes (the rebels were so called because of their red headbands) who were defeated. The courage and patriotism of the Aloguinsan were again tested in World War II. Cebuano guerillas from the place stubbornly and fiercely resisted Japanese invaders to help Allied Filipino troops of the 81st, 82nd and 83rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army in barrio Konguigon resulting in the death of many Japanese soldiers. The enemy retaliated by killing many civilians, including babies, and there entered by joint Filipino and American troops together with the Cebuano guerillas until the end in the Second World War.
-Source: Wikipedia
Now, let’s discover more the place…


It has its fine white sand and clear waters teeming with colorful marine life….



Presently, more and more people have discovered the hidden place and gave a good reviews on this place. The only disadvantage is that since this is a remote area, habal-habal is actually costly. So you better prepare your negotiating skills with the driver in terms of fare. Though it really take a long hours of travel from Cebu but definitely, I can guarantee it is worth your travel.

This tropical destination would surely take your stress and burdens away. It has its magical beauty that makes you feel relieve. Take time to visit the place during your off or on your vacation.

The travel lives me an impression for being totally in love… with the place!






  1. Just before this place went viral and crowd starts to flock. I was one of the lucky few when went here during its raw and unexploited time. I was far better before in its natural state but I am happy seeing how it Kantabogon cove has become.

    Liked by 1 person

    • @true-blue: that might be true because sccording from the locals there, it was all semi like jungle place before, a real hidden paradise from any one snd in fact , it took them 3 years to clean up and developed the place. Nevertheless, it is still really beautiful. Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah it was really of raw beauty when we went there for the first time. This may sound funny but all the recent development in Hermit’s Cove now is what exactly we told the caretaker the last time we talk. Anyway, I have to agree the cove is beautiful!


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