UNLEASH YOUR BOREDOM: A Short Tour in Sirao and TOPS


Life is like a road-trip; enjoy each day and don’t carry too much baggage”.

Tired and bombarded with a lot of troubles? Trust me, I can relate. Because in a precise moment you want to escape.(same here) Pressure and stress become part of yourself and those are one of the few things why you want a great silent time worth of joy once and for all. Or worst, its been a long time you can’t even let go.
Living in a close place surrounded with a lot of houses that’s not even an each distance of the place you occupy– TRUST ME, you want space for yourself. Because you’re just too exhausted for work or any thing private, that’s when you realize you want to breath. So unleash!
We started our way to JY Square Mall in Lahug and took  a habal-habal ( motorcycle) way to Sirao. This month is good to visit since flowers are growing due to rainy season unlike the last time I visited Sirao. The gloomy sun was shining through as we were heading! The ride itself with the breeze of the wind that touched my face, it’s fun and refreshing.

The view of flower farm is really not that wide as you see in the picture. I just found an angle to make it look that wide. But really, the flowers are elegantly beautiful.

THE SAD THING:The thing I noticed was that some visitors stepped on the flowers just to take selfies and pictures. I am not saying that taking pictures with the nice flowers is bad but what makes it not good is that they tend to forget that plants are living things too.


staying for a few minutes under the cool shade of the trees …

The good thing I like there is that there is a nice tree that give you s shade while enjoying the cool breeze of air.

Moreover, the thing that I like this travel was our TOPS destination. Though there’s no so much thing you can do in there but the 180 degree view of the City is too relaxing complemented by the fresh and cool air at the top. You can view Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and some part of Bohol.

This place is really a good place to reflect, to unwind or just to simply think things over.




Early 5:30 when we got there and we notice a lot of tourists. Others suit their self with some fun activities other just talking while eating. Mostly taking pictures.



The spectacular City Lights.

This is exactly a great place to sit in with the terrific view of the City below.

One of the tourist said: ” This place make your soul feel alive. A Good place to chill down and the City light is so wonderful to see.

d.jpg                    A good place to reflect, to unwind or just to simply think things over.

Well as for me, it’s not just only a good place– it’s romantic! A couple I notice just sitting beside each other without talking, just watching the twinkling City lights; after few minutes they look at each other & smile. Those were the moments I witnessed while I am too busy taking photos. (di ko bitter)


A table where you can enjoy your foods

1. TOPS is about 2000ft. above sea level and has about a hectare in area.
2. This place is found in Malubog, Busay Cebu City. TOPS is owned by Emro Holdings Inc. Entrance fee is P100. Tops is one of the recommended place by some Cebuanos for guest who wants to relax and enjoy.  Some say this is an ideal place when  courting a love one or proposing for marriage. (Maybe)

3. It has a spacious parking area for motorcycles and cars.
4. There are shops found on the left side if the entrance where you can buy some foods like barbecues, drinks and some souvenirs are available too like personalized key chains hats, etc.. The place has an old bell which they enjoyed banging especially for couples (I don’t know what’s in it for them). There are concrete seats near the viewing area.
5. There are toilet facilities however I suggest to bring your own tissue just in case you need it .

1. Prior in your designated place to visit,make sure to negotiate with the driver the amount. In our travel, we paid the driver P500 (so P250 each since we’re just
2) but that includes our stop to Sirao then to Tops. We traveled by almost 3.00PM then we went home by 7:00 pm. So, the driver waited us in those hours.

2. Better to bring your own snacks and foods

3. Bring your cameras

4. Bring jacket. It’s a bit cold at evening.

Overall, that trip might be too short though but we were relieved and ready to meet tomorrow because it’s time to work again. We feel so refresh!





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