I.T PARK: Beyond The Heights Is A Story Of Kindness

In haste! Alarmed by the sound of my phone, I quickly rose up from bed and prepared my things. Toke a bath and ate a little. I’m lucky enough I still have Quaker oats left. Training days it was and if I will not be in hurry I know that I will be late!

Proud buildings, a lot of well-known establishments, offices, the smell of foods along the way from restaurants & fast-food chains(hmmm this makes me hungry sometimes),busy moves, quick steps, various people night and day, a man in suit and some in casual, some could say indeed that this is a busy place!


I have been living near Cebu I.T park ( formerly Asiatown Town I.T park) for around 2 years already. I could tell that this place is a real picture of modernization. You’ll meet different faces everyday; some quite familiar. Other pals exchange jokes while meeting along the way, “Oh, you looks family” then laugh echoed while taking pause and having few chit chats!

Also by evening, the ambiance of lights radiate and camouflage the busy environment of the place. Life here seems fast & quite busy.

However, you would also meet people just stayed on other corner watching passer-goers or maybe they just want time to pass while holding coffees or might be tea or might be even beer or what-so-ever!


So much of this, one time I was touched & inspired by the act I witnessed.
Along the side of those great infrastructure & tall buildings, is a certain area where most kids considered it their resting place. Beggars asking by-passers an amount of money or any foods to eat.

You know, you’ll give sympathy in the situation they have but it takes a good heart with the humble act of kindness to show how you really care, just like this kind-hearted Korean guy.

He ordered foods in a nearby fast food chain, McDonalds and called out then fed the kids. Laugh and happiness on those kid’s faces shows how thankful they were as they feasted out the food which was given to them. They keep on smiling and giggling and laughing while some pieces of ketchup and rice was all over their faces.
I stopped by from a distance and toke the pictures; and with a smile in my face, I was touched!image.jpeg

Ps: This was captured August 28,2015😄


This place has so much to offer!

Jobs, works, restaurants, fast food chain, recreation, fun- they are almost here.

Mostly, there are a lot of fun you could do in evening. If you want to find a good place to eat in the middle of the night, there are so much place you could choose to.

SUGBU MERCADO <they are closed by 12 mid night and not open by Sunday, not sure with Saturday> will update this soon



Hot choco fudge is also perfect with cold weather.

There  are options for  food place you can select too.

 FROM STARBUCKS – if you feel Hot😂


… or might be the Xie pieng halo halo from DIMSUM (near Telstra Building) or in CHOWABONGA (near qualfon’s building)


Halo halo From Dimsum

or Milk tea from CHAT TIME ( near eblock3 building).

if you’re a bit hungry and want some pizza, there’s yellow cab ( they have free WiFi😍😍)


I don’t know why but it really feels good to always eat at rainy season. Over all, there are a lot of options you could choose from this place- all depends on your taste and budget. Talking about budget, I am now back to my senses. This has been my on going  issue- awp!😂😂




I.T Park host venues for recreations. Just recently, Coca- cola launched their program with (hashtag) #tasteTheFeeling theme where known endorser Maine Mendoza and Alden were one of the highlight which people really waited in line just to see them. The program was until midnight and there was popular bands performing! It was just a party all night event where people actually stayed in the midst of the rain singing along with the beat of the song as they enjoyed the band’s performance! Watching them from 6th floor from the  building at our station where we were actually taking calls, they seems really had  a great night! Whooooh! 🎤🎼🎤🎼🎻🎸



Police are assigned in area in case for any security reasons @ the said occasion by Coca-cola #tastethefeeling where popular artist Maine Mendoza (yaya Dab) and Alden are one of the main highlight with the well-known bands performing during the night

I.T Park is the project of subsidiary Cebu Property Ventures and Development. A 27 hectare I.T economic zone and modern trading hub. It was recognized as an Information Technology Park by economic Zone Authority Board last April 6, 2000. It was renamed Cebu I.T park ( original name: Asiatown I.T Park) last September 22, 2011 to strengthen the emphasis of the Queen City of the South ( which is Cebu). The park continuously receiving recognitions as the years passed. Presently it offers top class talent and technology just like well-known establishments around the world.

Call centers company are known in this place catering excellent service towards the client and to the customers.


Moreover, people feel good and happy working as it sustains the needs that will bring happiness to our daily needs for each of the families we own. Happiness and fun, they call it “work balance”!



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