Papakits: Zipline & Horsebackriding Fun

Are you looking for a comfortable place to relax and a fun place to enjoy with friends and family? This is place I could also recommend.

There are lots of affordable rides you could surely enjoy especially if you had not tried zip lining or horseback riding yet. Inside the place is actually a large place and the essence of nature is there. You could also book for rooms if you want to stay but I don’t really know the process and the prices  but you could check it on their websites.


It has been 3 years after we graduated from college. Some might continue with their others courses but mostly of us are working. Several times we talked about meeting again but it was just a talk, never happened. So then to cut the story short, I organized a plan to meet up, created a group chat and then all of us suggested a place. It was then we finalized that we will go to PaPakits.

Papakits and Fishing lagoon is an adventure park and resort located in Liloan, Cebu. You could just tell the driver to drop you off at Papakits, that place is known. It was said that Papakits named after the family patriarch Papa Kito or Democrito Mendoza Sr. The first zip line experience for me is so fun. It surely relieves stress. Perfect for lovers as well. (😍😍😍)


Jungle Obstacle – you have to climb on this cargo net, this is an activity where a kids could enjoy!




Canopy Bridge – for security reasons, climbers have to wear a harness attached to a cable that runs alongside the hanging bridge..


Fishing– This is a cool activity I also like there but we have not tried this because we do not have enough time. Fishing rod is provided but bait has a price. (this I am not sure how much) The fish is 200/kilo once you catch them. Open cottages are built by the sides of the fish pond I am not sure if there is a rent for the cottages.

and of course….. ZIP LINING!



Restaurant– a cozy place you could surely enjoy while watching the a strong current of water running near the restaurant.




The place has a lot of fun to offer. If maybe one time you’d like to be alone, you could stay in their restaurants while drinking some refreshments, enjoying it while watching the views.


This place is quite popular in Liloan some tourist visits here too. We even noticed some koreans having fun. (That endearnment, oppa, oppa.. &&.,$&87;:.,) HAHAHAHA

Horsebackriding is one of the highlight in this place too. You backride and you could really feel like you are the cowgirl/cowboy in that Blockbuster action dramas or movies.

The area is quite wide so you’ll enjoy a walk together with friends while you are heading to other adventure location. For sure kids would love here too.


For the long time time planned we had, though we are not all SD  had met but we really have a good time.


There is so much you could do but giving your time to laugh as you will let others laugh as well is one of the best thing. Life has so much to offer!




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