Mountain View

Looking for a quite & relaxing place in Cebu?


One of the good place ahead from JY, Lahug is the Mountain View; a place where a lot of locals visiting the place. Picture for nature lover.

Mountain View Nature Park in Busay offers the following: camping sites, gardens, children’s park, swimming pool,  picnics, countless benches of different variations, & a seemingly zoo type place.


The place provide a great view of the City where crowd and noise is everywhere but here, it’s all about fresh air, great view, relaxation & silence.

A place where you could find time for yourself too. image.jpeg

This place is actually good for retreat and seminars too. They also provide seminar halls

From JY Square, there are lots of Habal-habal driver who could give you a ride going to Mountain View. It cost P100 for you which is good for back and forth already. If you want to tour to  Sirao, the flower garden or  in Tops where a good view of the city is seen and also the temple of Leah where a large temple was built, you could just ask the driver but for sure there will be additional charge for that certain tour.

I have visited this 4 spots but I like here more since there are variety you can choose to; from fun to quite moment or whatever emote moment you want to have, it is good there. No one could disturb you.

I was here 4 or 5 years ago, I think. The road is not that good as today. It was a bit so challenging for me before. It was then my close friend in high School and I decided to revisit the place.

Here are some of our pictures together

There is also pool in Mountain View.

This place for sure could make your day a little fun with the touch of adventure and the relaxation through the view of the nature park offers.



This for sure a guarantee that this will be a good place to relax and to enjoy. Sometimes  I go here after work shift.


Me and my friend Gladys with that City on our background❤️




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