Kawasan: Magestic Nature and Perfect for Breath-taking Adventure

“Philippines is really a great place I have ever been”– as one of the female foreigner  we met on our trip.

Kawasan Falls is one of the great spot Philippines has to be proud and thankful of. It’s one of the well-known Philippines tourist site where a lot of tourist would like to witness. You will be amazed with the turquoise  color of the water that it offers. Not just the water but the Falls itself. It has its own magnificent majestic nature that human couldn’t fathom beyond imagination. Kawasan has that three-layered waterfall which is so popular tourist destinations in the province of Cebu. Now,  this place is also very known for canyoneering activity.

KAWASAN: Perfect for Breath-taking Adventure
Canyoning or canyoneering is both an extremely and a great adventure such activity that has a way of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping.

One of my  friend said that it was really a breathtaking experience (literally she lost her breath for few seconds but it feels longer than it seems like an hour) because the moment you jump in to the water coming in from a high feet reference, when you reach in to the water your whole body would definitely sink to the water & will take few seconds for you to be on the surface!

2 Out of 2 said, they were convinced & proud they tried it once but definitely  will not go for a second try. Should I try it then for once? I actually had not tried it but I love to.


Perfect for Friendship getaway (Photograbbed from: Pretty Jehsa)






My Friend Jehsa who is brave enough to do this challenge… (Jehsa dae?)  🙂

I have been hearing this place ever since in Elementary but never really had the chance to see it, just this month, this year. After the rest day I have from working, I believe it is time to feel unwind. So with a haste plan, my sister and I decided to visit the place. Well, it is my first time so I feel a bit of excitement. However, for my sister this would be her second time.

As we traveled, we really enjoyed the view outside on our window as we were inside the bus. The travel takes exactly 4 hours. Also, I will share the funny experience we had on that day as we go along. For the mean time let me show you some nice capture I have while we are in our long ride.


The sea looks peaceful amidst in  the busy way of the road



————–AT LAST!———————————

After 4 hours of travel we are here on our destination!


Ohlala! (😉😍)And this for sure came from there swim @ Kawasan Falls. 🙂 ✌🏻️

Before  you see the falls, on your way, you could see a lot of tall tress an a you will  hear the splash and the sound of the running water that would really gives you an idea that you’re near to your destination.



Here are some of the pictures:


a view from a far.


We were not able to take a lot of pictures because we actually arrived there at almost 4. We really regret that we did not come early. Mostly, people will be going home by 6 since the bus is until 8 pm only. We supposed not to get a cottage/ table since we decided to stay for just a short hour and will just take pictures. But to cut the story short we rented a cottage (P300). There is no corkage guys so you could just bring your own food while you decide to stay. There is also a room available if you would like for an overnight stay. Mostly rooms cost P800 – P1200.



My sister and I

                               The background really tells you that it is really late already.


This sounds creepy but we are actually the last. from stage 1 falls going down to our way to the main entrance we didn’t meet anyone on the way! So that was when our scary thoughts exist. Therewas no posting of lights on the way but we do have our flashlight.

The most creepy thing was that we were the last. Around 7Pm we decided to go home ( We obviously are not aware). As from the locals, bus is only until 8pm.

So the only hope we had wa sthe final trip and we were not even sure if there might still really a last bus to come in.  We then saw 2 foreigners on a waiting shed together with the tambays ( a group of people staying late at the road)in the area… We went to them and have a nice conversation while we waited.  We find the tambays were friendly too. We talked about curfew and about Duterte at that hour that lead to our laugh out loud conversation. However, for safety reason, if you plan to visit the place and no plans in staying for over night, be sure to leave around 5; the earlier the better. 🙂

Tips: It would be best to search first the place before going in that certain location. Well it is our mistake too since we did not even bother to ask.

💦If you visit Cebu, consider Kawasan in your list as a  must see destination. 👍🏻

Overall,  that experience was one of the super fun time I have with my sister.

Ps: Please Feel free to leave your comments, questions, additional tips & information.



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