As a call center representative, handling calls from a different division in America, it is good to know what is this Memorial Holiday for Americans. So I did my research.

> This is a day remembering the men and women who died in service.

> This is formerly known on May 30, 1868 as the DECORATION DAY as they celebrated yearly. It was established as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the UNION WAR dead with flowers.

  • Eventually, this is celebrated to HONOR ALL AMERICANS WHO DIED WHILE IN SERVICE. 


It was year 1971 (45 years ago) that it became a FEDERAL HOLIDAY & called as MEMORIAL HOLIDAY.

It is quite a long days rest for most people since they have the weekend then the Monday as a holiday.

> Memorial Day marks the start of the SUMMER VACATION season that lasted until Labor Day (1st Monday of September). Thus, approximately, that is around 3 months and a few days more vacation. 🚴🌴🌴🏊🏽🏄🏼🚣🏽

PS:  while in Philippines it’s the end of summer, starts of classes. In fact today, some Schools starts their brigada skwela😀

> Many visits the cemeteries & memorials to honor and give thanks to those who died while in service.

> National Flag can be seen on the grave in National cemeteries.

>Some travelled a hundred miles just to visit their ancestors or their relatives who died while in military service which by this they would also be able to have family reunion. There is often A RELIGIOUS SERVICE done and a picnic dinner in the ground (potluck) or a family gatherings as to commemorate their ancestors/relatives great deeds while in service.
However, as we greet, it is improper to say “happy” Memorial Day!

Source: The Internet & Wikipedia


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