Why Bantayan? Here’s the 2Days Travel Guide Itinerary.



WHY BANTAYAN?  What is really in Banatayan  that most  people would love to visit?

Bantayan Island is one of the most suggested & recommended places to visit in Cebu  when we talk about beaches and white sands. One of the places people  would like to visit too if they would just like to cool off and relax.

Bantayan has 3 municipalities namely Bantayan (the largest municipality, covering the central part), Madridijos, and Sta Fe.

The most visited by tourist is Sta fe. In fact, Sta Fe, Bantayan was featured in one of the blockbuster movie  and was even set as the main settings of the said movie, Camp Sawi.

The movie was all about the 5 ladies who was broken-hearted and went to a remote place to find time for their self since they are having a hard time moving on. After the release of the movie, it  boast the popularity of Sta. Fe especially the Kota Beach Resort which is the main settings. After  then, many people visited the place, took pictures on Camp Sawi and post it on social medias  with the caption: “Nagmahal, Nasaktan, nag Bantayan!” #CampSawi!. It was then trending through Facebook and Instagram.


Things to consider in visiting a Place.

It is a wise move to research the place before going there. Most of the time 2 or more pictures would entice us to visit the place and the fact that you are reading my blog is one of the reason too. ( Just Kidding) Let me share the beauty of Bantayan and help convince you why Bantayan should be on your bucketlist; Most specially, STA. FE.


What is really in Sta Fe Bantayan that mostly people decided to see it?

  1. THE BEACH. I was able to confirm how beautiful the beaches that Banatyan Island owns. We spent our stay at Kota Beach and it owns such a very wide range of sandbar match with the white sand and a crystal clear water that you would totally love to stay  and wants to get tan. The long sand bar actually adds the beauty of the beach. It’s really wonderful! (kaduwa-an jud siya ug dakop-dakop)

This is the view in front of the reception area and cottages ; look at the long sandbar…


view from the reception


A great time to relax and talk under the sun


this is the cottages from Kota Beach Resort where we stay


Paradise Beach

paradise B.jpg

photograb from site



This beach, according to some reviews I read is one of a kind. They preferred going here rather than visiting the well-known  Virgin Island. This beach was remained untouched and a real paradise. Pictures and some blogs testify it on their post.  That’s make me more curious why.  So when we are there, we “attempted” to visit it and it turn out to be a very creepy adventure experience. HAHAAH

Tips: It is good to visit if you are in a group. I  don’t recommend you to visit if you are just with yourself and a friend alone.

OUR  EXPERIENCE:  In our case, we are both girls and the fear is with us as we hike along during that time. At first, the excitement and enthusiasms is with us. “Full-Pack” energy as we went along but after a long minutes of hiking with our bike,( that adds to the burden) we both felt that very strange and creepy moment and we realized we are totally Lost!



I felt a bit dismayed and due to fear  and for  security reasons we back out.


When we saw and reach the main road,  we felt a bit of relief and totally burst out to laughter and sigh, “what the heck are we doing?

So tiring but the fun was there.

  1. Fall In love with the Sunrise and the Sunset!





This Island, away from the very noisy and crowded city, is a great place to relax and to think of  a happy thoughts.

I would highly recommend this place, specially the resort where we stay if you want to find time for your self or maybe if you just want to escape  from a busy life you have currently. Give your time to relax too and enjoy it. Have fun and comeback with a satisfied and well-spent vacay.



taken @ Kota Beach Resort

For couple, the place has a good ambiance too where the too of you could have the best time for each other. ( wink!)

  1. Fall in Love with the Fun and the Experience.


A lot of things you can do in Bantayan. On of the things I enjoyed most is biking. It was really a blast!



There is an option for you to rent a motorbike or bicycle.  As soon as you reach Sta Fe port/terminal, there are a lot of offers there. It cost P130 each for the bicycle rental.. Some offer it for P150 so you should learn to negotiate. There are also offers for tour on different known place at the island for P300-P400 good for 2 persons already. It covers to tour you around to known places there.  In my part, it is more exciting to discover their place through riding the bike without any guide at all.

Being spontaneous make it more fun and a real  adventure!


So we decided biking and here are some of the nice places that we had been to…


Does it looks like the ruins in Duma?




And it was undeniably beautiful..


Dare to jump? Why not!




It was indeed!

The only thing that makes a bit sad is that some of the people there just throw their garbage anywhere near the cliff.


just by looking with this, I know how you feels though.

But in spite of that, that place for me is really nice.



From beaches to other nice spots, we were tired yet it was a total fun.


We visited churches too…



I was happy when  I saw a Seventh- Day Adventist Church their.

Also,  since food inside the resort is a bit expensive, we decided to bike all the way to JM Square.



For 2 days span, we had visited a lot of wonderful places. It will not be hard at all to locate those places since you can just ask the locals and it’s not that far from Kota (well, except for the Paradise Beach)

HOW TO GO THERE ( The Earlier the Better)

  1. If you are from Cebu City, ride a bus from North Bus Terminal (P165.00) to Hagnaya. Travel time: 3-4 hours.

If you are not quite familiar how on to go to North bus Terminal, from SM City Cebu, ride a jeep going there.

If you are from Lapu-lapu, there are a lot of ways to commute going to the terminal. A taxi is an option but it is a bit expensive so I suggest you ride a jeep and ask the driver to drop you off to Highway and from the Highway, you can ask some drivers which jeep is heading to North  Bus Terminal.

  1. From Hagnaya Port to Sta Fe takes approximately an hour an a half. Fare is P170.00 and  P10.00 for terminal fee.


Touch down Sta Fe.  We arrive at around 11:00 Am and manong Dodong  from Kota Beach pick us up from the terminal through their van for free. It’s more convenient if you book in advance. From the tiring hours of travel and waiting, the comfortable seat of the service and the smell of the air-conditioned van is heaven for me. Oh-oh! Hmmm


Tips: Book in advance.
Now, is 
it worth the spent?

We choose the Standard Aircon Room = Php1,400.00

  • 1 Double Bed or 2 Single Beds
  • Airconditioned
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Separate c.r  and Shower room
  • a lot of outlets (Yes, this is true! We never really had a hard time finding extra outlet to charge our gadgets. They have enough)

>>> If you are in a real budget,  you can consider  their Standard Non-Aircon Room= Php900.00

  • 1 Double Bed or 2 Single Beds
  • Located on 2nd Floor
  • Outdoor Terrace

>>> They have the Deluxe Cottage – 2nd to 4th Row
2nd Row  – Php 2500.00
3rd & 4th  – Php 1900.00

  • Double-sized Bed
  • Day-lounge Sofa
  • Aircondition
    Note: Prices above may change base on the resorts  promo and some other seasons.


You can also try to check their website:
Contact: T +63 32 438 9042     C +63 956 276 4410 (Globe)




My vacation there was a a day after my birthday and I couldn’t thank enough of my friend Aubrey for the surprised she gave me when we were there. I was really touched and everything that happened on that place was truly priceless.


Our whole loooong travel is truly worth  the F-U-N and that with this,  I am so thankful that  I have been given the opportunity to enjoy life and celebrate with it.


Thank you for reading my blog. If you have some questions feel free to ask and add your comment here and I would really be glad to respond.




 The Whale Encounter! 🤗

In deep: Huge and gentle giant whale encounter in Oslob


 Locally known as “tuki” or “butanding”. The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish in the world. How amazing!  According on what I had read, those whales has a mouth contains around 300 tiny teeth although the function of these is unknown.

This is one of the nice tourist destination and Oslob is mainly known for this. Aside from the great views and beaches found in the place encounter with the giant whale is one of the very highlight of their travel that would they considered a great adrenaline experience. For me, it was!



Oslob is a fourth income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 26,116. In the 2013 election, it had 18,283 registered voters. It is part of Cebu with an area of 134.8 km². From South bus to Tan awan, Oslob for whale watching would usually take 3-4 hours depeding on the traffic.


  • Ride a bus from the South bus Terminal headed to Bato Oslob. (P165.00- fully air-conditioned and FREE WiFi)
  • Tell the driver that you want to be dropped at Oslob for Whale Watching.
  • You will be dropped at the BRIEFING STATION
  • 13271523_1371148779568509_149229345_o

    a nice view of the sea while we are on the bus

** You can go directly at the briefing station for orientation if you have friend who will be a watcher for your belongings. There is also a free shower at the area.  In there, of course, there will be a short orientation before swimming or whale watching for safety purposes

A lot of foreigners were on the area, waiting for their boatmen and others were still listening for the orientation. ( Americans, French, Koreans and Chinese and there are even kids – those are some of them I saw at the  area)

All faces were excited. Who wouldn’t be? You are about to witness one of the gigantic creatures in the sea. Exciting! WHoooH!


The view afar


almost there! 






This is truly amazing! 




It was indeed a great and awesome experience. The creator is so great  that you made it wonder how amazing He was because hes creation are all beautiful and amazing!


 The 30 minute encounter with the butanding is over. – Worth it!


  1. While swimming, DO NOT TOUCH THE WHALE. They are still considered as a dangerous creature. However, the whales at OSLOB are surely harmless. Still, you still have to be careful
  2. OBSERVE 4m away from the whale
  3. DON’T PANIC: If you notice that the whale is too near from you, don’t panic and just give way for them, they are harmless and will NOT eat you.
  4. APPLYING LOTION OR SUNBLOCK IS PROHIBITED. This is because it has toxic that may damage the sea creatures.
  • There are marine biologist in the area who are assigned to watch over and if you are caught, a charge of P2,500 or an imprisonment for 6 months

NOTE: Swimming with the whale will only take 30-45 minutes


  1. Don’t overpack. Bring only what is needed.
  2. Be watchful in your belongings.
  3. Smile and be friendly. Have a small talk with the locals.
  4. If you are not sure or confuse, don’t hesitate to ask.
  5. If you are a foreigner or even a solo backpackers, don’t hesitate to ask.


  • The Driver dropped us at MB’s Sunrise View Resort
  • It is just a walking distance from the BRIEFING STATION

  • Pay P100. If you brought a lot of baggage, this resort has a locker where you can put all belongings plus they provide unlimited use of the shower room or swimming at the beach.

  • They are selling foods and drinks as well.
  • Pay charges for whale watching. They will provide a service car to send their customer directly to the BRIEFING STATION and they will all the way pay the charges ( it is the amount you paid at the resort for the whale watching) They will wait for you until you’re done swimming and will head you back to the resort which is just a walking distance from the Briefing station

at the reception area

Ate Mercedes is the one of the person in charge at the Resort and she was so friendly, hospitable and so approachable both for locals and foreigner. She gave me the list of the charges if ever someone would like to have a room where she can stay.


The locker where you can put your belongings

If all does not fit here, then you have to put your staff inside off the dining room.

Here is the prices given to me in notes by ate Mercedes from the resort we stayed:



Whale watching:     —————    P300.00
> Diving  with the Whale ( for locals): —    P500.00
> for foreigners) :   —————–   P1,000.00
> Under water cam rental:———— P550 .00  (pic will be saved in CD or in your USB)
> Stay at resort with unli  shower,  free use of CR and beach swimming P100.00
> If you want to use their pool:  ——P50.00

Forgot your swim wear? They sell swim wear souvenir and slipper as well at the resort.




  1. There is no nearest ATM station in that area. The nearest one will take at least 10-15 minutes – you can ask the receptionist for the nearest ATM station or you can ride a habal- habal  from the resort that will bring you to the ATM station and withdraw some cash.

After our encounter with the great gigantic whale, we got  our CD where all our  pictures or videos taken by our  boatman are saved. You can also ask the receptionist to have those files and pics saved in your own memory card or USB. It is already included free for renting their underwater cam.  NOTE: they cannot send or pass it through your iphone phone.


Our CD with the picture/videos captured by the boatman for us while we are swimming

We decided to have swimming then we ate our lunch before we checked out.


After swimming, we decided to take lunch at the resort. There foods are just affordable. Pocket friendly 🙂


restaurant in front of the beach is a plus..

The day  was still long and after lunch we headed to Osmeña Peak  for hiking the highest peak in Cebu where in we rode a ceres bus headed to Dalaguete from Oslob. They will bring you at the registration office first.

There is so much of life that it offers great and wondersful things and places. From our encounter and experience, we are tired yet grateful.😊









Strolling in a place of Cebu and want to sit for a bit and relax while taking a sip of cold, sweet frappe and a bite of snacks? If you’re near in Talamban Cafe Talk has become one of my favorite place to stay, specifically Cafe Talk Country Mall.

If you’re from a super duper  stressful interviews or other important matter you have been through, however you still doesn’t want to go home yet, or maybe you’re a group of friends  who decided to  meet up and tell-all your  life happenings and events, or maybe a dating place  with your boyfie and girlfriend, or just a quality time with your family member, sister and colleagues, this place is highly recommended.


It was my day-off  and I don’t want to stay at the boarding house I rented. I decided to have a quality time with my sister. Actually, the  place caught my attention while I checked my FB. I felt that this place is quite nice and cool!
When we entered in Cafe Talk, it didn’t turn us down. The first thing that we noticed was how each room partition looks pretty amazing by each room paintings and the way it was arranged. It’s quite cute, actually. The ambiance is totally  simple and nice for us. There was only few customers at that  time so it was not really that noisy. Thumbs up!



Though the drinks and other food are a bit of pricey but it is still Okay. The weather was too hot outside and Java and Nutella frappe we ordered was perfect  as we sit in.



What I love about this place are:

  1. The staffs are friendly and will greet you with a warm welcome.
  2. The ambiance is great! Trust me, you’ll also love to have a few time here alone.
  3. Totally convenient. There are a lot of outlets where you can charge your phones and gadgets while on stay. The place is not hot  but they do still provide  portable electric fan. (I felt like I was in a cold awesome office)
  4. FREE WIFI. Oh Yeah!
  5. You’ll get Free movie if you’ll purchase in a maximum of P500.00. (Yes, they have TV’s too in some other rooms)
  6. Music are great! It’s not that loud, or you have the option to listen from your phone’s sound track list instead.
  7. Foods and drinks are So-so and they also have fruit shakes. J
  8. Perfect place to stay when you are writing, studying, or even making a project with friends. Also a good place to relax and stay if you just want to stay away from home for a while (I believed I did mention this already)


I was left behind since my sister has a work. She’s a teacher at one of the University School and has to go in haste since she still have some documents to work on.  And so, that room was all for myself alone. As I was writing this blog, students, couples, group of friends and some random people came in. On my left side were a group of students making their projects maybe? On the right side was a girl bringing her laptop with her and doing video chat with someone. At my back was a couple dating. (oh well~!)

I think I overstayed. I stayed for 4 hours and so I decided to finish this and had to go. I totally would come back  soon.  (Wink!)




Chase More and Become a Historian! A Short Trip to Mantayupan Falls, Tumalog Falls and Heritage Park in Cebu, South


Sometimes  when you are too stressed and so bombarded with a lot of issues and negativity, you feel that you want to escape out from the box. What I’m trying to say is sometimes, you just really want to breath!

Traveling , as they say is the best refresher. Positive thinking gives positive outcome. Have a break for a while  and I’m pretty sure you’ll come back satisfied. It is then you can start going on your way.


This trip was really unplanned. However, let me take you to some of the nice spot I had been to. Tara Lets! (Let’s Go!)


Mantayupan Falls


Mantayupan Falls are located close to the eastern end of the Carcar—Barili Road where it connects to the national highway.   As of the record, this falls is the highest falls in Cebu. It has a height of 98 meters (321,518 ft). I seen a lot of  photos of this on social medias of how enticing this falls  is. So it was then part of my bucket list to visit this God’s beautiful creation as one of my “chasing waterfalls desire” for this year too.


Aside from the fact that the Falls has been one of the tourist spot in the area, Mantayupan falls has been providing hydro-electric power  for  Barili for a long years already.

It has been a great help also in their rice fields  and on some fish ponds  near in the area. The entrance fee is very affordable.

Entrace only cost P20.00. Too budget friendly isn’t it?  If you wanna go there with friends,  you can bring your own food with no corkage at all. At the entrance, they also have their own store where you can buy some foods to eat and some drinks for a cool refreshment. Awesome!


way  to the real beauty, Mantayupan Falls!


wonderful and too refreshing isn’t it?


However, I don’t feel swimming there since the water is really not that clear and I don’t feel comfortable swimming if there are a lot of crowd (P.s.  Don’t get me wrong with that) Mantayupan Falls is really  good.

The fact that you gonna stand there as you witness this  tallest splashing flowing waterfalls, it’s totally one of a kind feeling!

Pretty awesome!


Level 1 🙂


  1. From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus which has a route of “Bato via Barili. You really don’t have to worry because  those buses actually would stop at Shamrock;  but just to  be safe, better tell the driver in advance that you want to be dropped by at Shamrock area.
    TIPS: Aside from asking those some passengers next to you to know  if you are almost reaching your destination, Google map is really a good help for you to determine if you’re almost there.

BUDGET: P 173.00 – ( air-conditioned) From South Bus Terminal to Shamrock
P 30.00/head–  motorbike/Habal-habal (From Shamrock to Mantayupan Falls)
P 20.00 – Entrance fee

SOME SUGGESTIONS:  Some of the good  place that Barili is known of are the Tilapia Fishing Village and restaurant. Traveler Drew Arellano actually visited Mantayupan and this Tilapia Fishing Village last year (2016). I had watched the video of Mantayupan Falls taken through bird’s eye view with the use of the drone, that totally was amazing!  Some good spot they have is the  sayaw beach and Sayaw rock formations and boloc-boloc Spring.

Well in my case, my time was really limited so I never really took the chance to go there. As part of that day travel, I headed to Oslob. Oslob is also very famous in regard to this famous Diving Center where you can swim with the gentle giant. I tried it last year and it has been one of the great and fun experience I had.


This 2 Photos (swimming with the butanding) was taken last year…


A lot of tourist would really go there to really try it. I can’t blame them. It’s really great! In Philippines, I believe it is just only in Cebu and in Donsol where some people could swim with this gentle giant especially if you are really not a swimmer!

As part of that chasing waterfalls  day travel adventure, I headed to Tumalog Falls which can actually be found in Oslob too. Way out there, you really have to ride a motorbike (habal-habal) since it is really not a hiker friendly road.  Way down to  Tumalog Falls is quite challenging but that pays off because the beauty of the place on my way there is priceless!



Pardon me but very time I witness a view like this, my heart beats fast like I was really in love. (HAHAA, char!)

This is one thing why I love the south part of Cebu because of this fantastic views and a lot of great places Cebu could be proud of.




This is quite different from the other waterfalls I saw.  As for me, though the water volume that falls down are not really as much as with the other falls, that actually makes it unique. It is for me truly majestic, quite different indeed! You may not be able to truly appreciate when you are a bit far from this falls but once you decided to go near, it is then you would feel that it is indeed unexplainable. Truly God’s wonders are wonderful.

Tumalog falls is kinda wide and tall that even go pro users complain they can’t hardly capture the whole picture of it.


People long time ago would describe it as beyond magical! Turqoise water pool, the cascading waterfalls that falls, it forms like an umbrella shape due to the rock formation too.

SWIMMING:  Compared to the pictures I saw on social medias (though water level is not deep, just knee or hip-level only) well, for me I am just a bit dismayed because when I saw  the water pool,  it’s brown. Better take a cold shower under the falls.

THE SAD PART: As per visitors and other tourist who came here a few years back, it was totally different compared today. WHY? The volume of water  that is flowing now is less compared before.There was really  a great and big difference compared today and before.


We might probably say it’s due to the fact that Cebu experienced El Niño last year. However,  it’s not because of the drought. We are  experiencing long rainy season for this year and Tumalog falls was still not that the same as before (less water). As from the locals, a community residing at the top hill part of the falls created a reservoir and it keep some of the water from flowing down. With that, the real gem that was intervened by humanity totally affect the original beauty of Tumalog falls which is the “real sad part”.  I know that humanities has a NEEDS too  but we must also find ways to restore and to nourish the nature that was intended for us  to take care of.


In spite of this, the beauty of Tumalog falls still left me in awe.  Breathtaking!

This falls got a lot of attention by others  from a side trip  for people who wish to see the butandings. Some travel tours include this one on their packages with their guest who book with them. By estimation, it would just take 15-20minutes from whale watching site.


a place you could rest at Tumalog Falls


  1. If you are from the butanding diving station, there are a lot of motorbikes driver asking if you would like to side trip to Tumalog falls. The Standard fee is just P50.00 (back and forth already). They will drop you at the registration area. From there, you have the option to ride another motor bike (P30.00) or to hike . Believe me guys, you would also choose riding a motorbike rather than hiking after you will see how too slope the road is. While on our way to the registration area, I ask the driver how much would it be as well if we’ll go to Cuartel (which is actually my last spot to visit) He told me I just add P100.00 and he’ll drop me there.

From the registration area when I rode another motorbike going to Tumalog, I asked that second driver how much would it cost if I just ride a bus and drop at Cuartel, he told me it is a bit cheaper. Probably P20.00-P30.00 only and I was like: Aha!! AHHHAHAHAHA

When I went back, I told the driver I would just like him to drop me at the junction where I could just ride a bus. It was then he told me: “ How about you’ll just add P50.00?  Anyway my route is there and I’ll be going back home”.  Alright then! Of course since this is a brilliant  idea and a  savings too, it’s a deal. Salamat kuya!



If you are more into witnessing the remains from history, you may try to consider visiting the heritage park. This park has a great story behind those unfinished building created a long time ago  during the Spanish days when they stayed here.

You could reflect and somewhat imagine what this place looks like during their time,  a too old time.



The most relaxing area there was in the baywalk side. There are benches at the front side of the baywalk with green bermudas which people could actually sit in while enjoying the fresh air coming and listening to the music of the sea breeze. Sounds a good dating place for a couple! ❤




This building made of coral  blocks  exactly looks the same as a Spanish barracks.  This what they called the Cuartel.

This was intended supposedly for Spanish  soldiers or the guardia civil. It was started 1860; calculating from it, (today is 2017) So it has been ….( let me just get my calculator)  157 years already since it was built.

However, this Cuartel was still remained unfinished since the Spanish occupation end by 1898. With that, for 38 years  the Cuartel remained unfinished from the time they built it until the time they left. It made me wonder why  they did not finish it.

Just near the Cuartel, are the ruins of an ancient watchtower.
At the back of the Cuartel is a small museum….



at the front  door of the small museum and at my back is the Cuartel

30 years before the Cuartel was built, the present-day church of cut-coral stone was started. It is said  that it was built by the year 1830 and was finished 18 years later.  The adjacent bell tower was built at the year 1858.


The church was burned down  during the World WarII   by the year 1940’s  but was eventually restored.



Outside the walls are the remains of a watchtower which they called the Baluarte. Baluarte is actually a  Spanish word.  It was built  by the year 1788.  The main purpose that they created this is basically to  provide a safe place wherein the guardia civil could observe the surrounding area.



“The one who  does not remember history is bound to live through it again.” – George Santayana

Sometimes, it is better to personally see the place rather than hearing it a lot of times. While researching, witnessing and writing about this, it feels so good  that a got a bit of background about what happened on this place. This place has it’s own story only  history could tell…

Ps. video will be posted here soon. You could also watch in on my Facebook Page


Discovering The Scenic View of Cancuay Beach Resort: A Travel To The South of Cebu


scenic view : the view from the road

As released by Conde Nast for 2016 Reader’s CHOICE AWARDS, Philippines scored the biggest. Only in the Philippines where you could find the “THE WORLD’s BEST ISLAND (Boracay) and the World’s SECOND BEST ISLAND (Palawan) and the Fifth WORLD’s BEST ISLAND (Cebu) for the TOP TEN  WORLD’s BEST ISLANDS.

Source: NewsBeat Facebook Page

This prove how amazing and beautiful Philippine is for having such a great natural resources & spots. It makes us Filipinos and Cebuanos proud. Thinking about getting the First, second and the fifth spot, we nailed it out! (Maka-proud!) And yes, you read it right! Cebu was recognized as the 5th. Note that we are talking WORLD’s Best Island on that report.

But let’s talk more about CEBU which is famous for its wonderful beaches.
I was intrigue one time when I check on social networking site about Cancuay Private Beach Resort. I did not expect a lot on this place because I might get a ” reality vs expectation” impression again. Well, that’s what I’m thinking because this is somewhat a usual case in expecting too much.


This is exactly a nice place  I am looking  for to have some fresh air out from the City and fun at the same time …



From Cebu to Tan-awan, Oslob where Cancuay Private Beach Resort is located, it will take approximately 4 hours of travel. Just make sure you bring your headset with you in case you will be bored in your travel,  you have something you can enjoy with. However if you’re traveling with a group, for sure, that road trip would surely be a long loud-laughtrip together! That’s given. 😃

So let me guide you now: (HOW TO GET THERE)

  1. If you are from Cebu City, go to South Bus Terminal and take the OSLOB-BATO bus. ( Inform the driver that you’d like to be dropped at Cancuay Beach Resort, that place is quite familiar for them)
    Air conditioned bus=P165 ; Regular Bus=P 148.00

You’ll see this post once you’re in the place….


along the way post



The moment I saw this scenic view, it knocked me out! —“WOW!” I don’t know if it is just me but, views like this would always makes me fall in love with the place. From here, you could also see the stunning Sumilon Island ( I love to go there next time, hopefully).


Now, let’s take more steps down….
Going down, you have to take the 100+ steps (Tiring!).


So after the 100+ steps that you have to take….




Taking a little more steps down, we pass the registration area. From here, you can hear the roar of the sea waves and the sea breeze that makes you feel EXCITED!

And we’re here:


it’s all worth it!


We are greeted by the nice ambiance of the place and the cottages.


my sister feeling overwhelmed …. Peace!


And tell me who wouldn’t feel excited if you see this?

The sea is enticing and it seems like the sea is calling us…


Here are some photos I like to share


You can have your own time to relax and feel the breeze of the sea … #natureloverbelike


look at the this big rock formation..

1. This place may not be really good for swimming for the kids or nannys but with great supervision given, it’s fine.



waves… waves… waves…


You can just imagine this big waves..

  1. Food Accomodation : There is no corkage so you can bring foods as many as you want!
    Cottage Price  & Entrance Fee: P120.00/head ( for adults) and P50 for kids  up to 10 years old only. Infants are Free :-). This  includes the entrance fee and the cottage already plus they allow you to rent some life jackets for P50.00 if you want.

Snorkeling materials  might not be available  from them because I did not see any so you can  just bring your own.

If you want to stay for over night I believe you can bring your tent or you may stay on their rooms but for the pricing just inquire from them.

3.. Don’t expect too much since the sea is really not that crystal clear as compared to other beaches I have been to in Cebu but definitely, this place is truly scenic because of this large rocks that makes the place so dramatic and great! If you are more into diving and snorkeling, the better. (How I wish I would learn diving, like a real certified diver)


You can bring your love ones, families, relatives and friends here. I guarantee that this place is one of the nicest place which is perfect for fun and bonding as well.

Of course,  we won’t return home not unless we do have picture of our self taken from that place…


my sister trying to be like, like…. ( oh never mind) 🙂


stolen moments…


Overall, we got all our day all by ourselves since my sister and I are the only guest here on the day…

In case you may like to visit this place,  consider diving with the WHALE  known as the GENTLE GIANT of Oslob 

Tumalog Falls is also found in Oslob so you may consider your next stop  from there.


We totally have a great and FUN-tastic day together! ❤



Hermits Cove: The Hidden Paradise of Aloguinsan

The place leaves me breathless! I was Definitely in love with the view and it left me in total awe!
The heat of the sun and the struggle we had with the ride of the habal/habal) was entirely worth the struggle. The way to hermits cove is not yet fully developed so drivers are careful enough for the road is kinda difficult . But once you witness the beauty of the place and the grandeur sight of a bird’s eye view for the entire sea  horizon, added to the beauty is the fact that you’re in a valley- It was entirely Beautiful!
 “I don’t know if it’s just me but the place toke my breath away! As in WOW! “

the moment I saw this, I let the driver stopped for a moment so I could toke a picture.



Take note, we never reached our main destination yet. So I could just imagine how much would this place looks like if this will be fully developed. The place is definitely unique among other place I’ve been to.  My eyes can be compared to a camera trying to adjust the zoom lens to capture entirely even the smallest details of the place. And the sunset… Aggghhh , amazing!

The Sunset….



Heading there….

almost there…

And finally, we’re here: Welcome to Aloguinsan, an ecological gem waiting to be rediscovered.



Cherish and I immediately took pictures


Before we trek down, let’s try to know first more about their place.

Hermits cove is found in Aloguinsan. Aloguinsan has really a lot of interesting story to tell about their place that connect to the old days time of this place, back when it was still a hidden place which no one attempted to wander except for the hermits who once live on this place. His name was Tabogon Suelto. Thus, it’s called Barangay Kantabogon- quoted by the staff from Hermit’s Cove.


As from their  story,  there were a few giant clamps that were extremely dangerous. Once the giant species caught your shadow, you will surely die. However, before the Hermits died he killed all of them. So then, people can safely went to wander the place.
Aloguinsan was formerly a barrio of Pinamungajan. It was created a town by the Royal Decree of the Kingdom of Spain in 1886. Bulwarte, a historic landmark, still stands as mute testimony to the courage of the early inhabitants of Aloguinsan. Because of the frequent Moro attacks, the natives, under the supervision of the Spaniards, constructed a watchtower on top of a hill at the mouth of a river. From this vantage point, they could see incoming Moro vintas. One night (a full moon and favorable winds), the Muslim invaders approached the village. With old people, women, and children safe behind the hills, the men began firing their cannons and did not stop until the pirates had been annihilated. It was the end of Moro assaults. The historic hill of Villona between the barrios of Olango and Cawasan was also the site of a battle between the American forces and Filipino revolutionaries. The rebels under the leadership of Anastacio de la Cruz encountered the forces of Lt. Walker on Holy Thursday, April 1903. Lt. Walker and a number of his men were killed. The following day, Good Friday, Lt. McCoy took over the command of the American troops and outfought the Pulahanes (the rebels were so called because of their red headbands) who were defeated. The courage and patriotism of the Aloguinsan were again tested in World War II. Cebuano guerillas from the place stubbornly and fiercely resisted Japanese invaders to help Allied Filipino troops of the 81st, 82nd and 83rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army in barrio Konguigon resulting in the death of many Japanese soldiers. The enemy retaliated by killing many civilians, including babies, and there entered by joint Filipino and American troops together with the Cebuano guerillas until the end in the Second World War.
-Source: Wikipedia
Now, let’s discover more the place…


It has its fine white sand and clear waters teeming with colorful marine life….



Presently, more and more people have discovered the hidden place and gave a good reviews on this place. The only disadvantage is that since this is a remote area, habal-habal is actually costly. So you better prepare your negotiating skills with the driver in terms of fare. Though it really take a long hours of travel from Cebu but definitely, I can guarantee it is worth your travel.

This tropical destination would surely take your stress and burdens away. It has its magical beauty that makes you feel relieve. Take time to visit the place during your off or on your vacation.

The travel lives me an impression for being totally in love… with the place!




Bojo River: The mini El Nido of Cebu.

Claimed as the mini El Nido, Palawan of Cebu a place which gained attention and popularity in the Queen City of the South; a place which has a bit of similarity in the famous Halong river in Vietnam, BOJO RIVER Cruise & Eco cultural tour us one of the most popular attractions in the municipality of Aloguinsan in Cebu, Philippines. It has been operating for almost 5-6 years already.

Recognized as among the top 100 most sustainable destinations in the WORLD in line with NIAGARA FALLS in Canada, Cape stone in South Africa and Jackson & Hole and Yellowstone in U.S., given by Green Destinations in celebrating the 36th World’s Nature’s Day. Source:
It was also featured in GMA TV Network for BYAHE NI DREW ARELLANO program/Segment.


My Pretty Friend Cherish is enjoying the moment


While in the tour, the boatman will discuss some short history of the place and different species of mangroves. (GOSH Guys, they even know what are the scientific name of those plants and I was like ….”Seriously? You really memorized all of them Kuya? They are too difficult to pronounced, sounds like sprekitotik brobalik… But I am just kidding!)”hey were actually trained before they became a guide but almost all of them are fishermen which been their source of income since they were young. So they are a good swimmer! BRAVO!



1. This nature reserves stretches for 14 km. and is home to at least 60 species of birds both local and migratory birds.


2. It has almost 100+ spring (tubod) that sustains enough level of waters in case it’s a low tide. That’s make it unique! Imagine 100+, that’s a lot!


3. Surrounded with a various kinds of mangroves which actually helps remedies for pains,cough, headache, stomach ache and LBM’s. k

4. This Eco-tourism is run by the (BAETAS) Bojo Aloguinsan Eco-Tourism Association of Cebu with their municipality  and has become their once source of income.



The Group of Baetas, will sing Bisayan songs upon their guest arrivals.

Going forward, the most amazing part is that we swam from the place where the end part of the river meets with the sea which really has a lot of corals. The management and municipality preserve it.  From there, we swam heading back to the shallow part. That was NO joke since it’s really deep. However, OF COURSE, we wore life jackets! How can we? 😂

Aloguinsan has the hallmark of perfect and FUNtastic restdays or might be a weekend getaway!


Our Travel:

The Matalungon to Aloguinsan was a real struggle for us since there were limited bus coming in especially that it was Sunday. We stood in the bus all through our travel. (Arf). Single motorcycle will cost P150.00 to Aloguinsan. Tiis Ganda!

You have to go to the Eco – farm first to register.








From there, we rode a habal-habal going to hermits cove for P20.00 and may approximately take 15 minutes of travel.


Entrance area..


Way going to Bojo River

And since it is still a long way to go there..


When you reach the place, you will be greeted with the lively Bisayan song and dance presentation that would totally make you move through the rhythm as you feel the message of the song! Bisayang -Bisaya!

•They are also accepting package tour deals
• Cr’s are clean and fresh
• People and staffs are friendly and accommodating.

The Place:





HOW TO GO THERE: Here’s our itinerary  

6:00am -8:00am >  South Bus Terminal -Mantalungon (P65.00 air-conditioned)
8:00am-9:15am >Mantalungon – Farm/registration Station (Aloguinsan) (P 35.00)
9:15am- 9:30am >ARRIVAL @BOJO River (P20.00)
          NOTE: River Cruise is 1 hour time duration and that includes swimming. You can stay for few hours after the eco tour ride. 
10-15 minutes >Welcome number Presentations /SHORT ORIENTATION AND REMINDERS
12:30Pm-1:00Pm >Bojo River-Hermits Cove (-P40.00)
PS: We changed our route when we got home. We rode from HERMITS to TOLEDO (175.00) Then Toledo to Cebu tru a van (P75.00)


watch our video compilation: @my own Facebook Page: DinaOnTravel

Aside from Bojo River, Hermits Cove is one of the nice place to visit. (Blog will be posted soon).

Overall, we really have a good day! Life is a gift so don’t stress yourself out from work or other things. Find time to relax and be thankful. 


UNLEASH YOUR BOREDOM: A Short Tour in Sirao and TOPS


Life is like a road-trip; enjoy each day and don’t carry too much baggage”.

Tired and bombarded with a lot of troubles? Trust me, I can relate. Because in a precise moment you want to escape.(same here) Pressure and stress become part of yourself and those are one of the few things why you want a great silent time worth of joy once and for all. Or worst, its been a long time you can’t even let go.
Living in a close place surrounded with a lot of houses that’s not even an each distance of the place you occupy– TRUST ME, you want space for yourself. Because you’re just too exhausted for work or any thing private, that’s when you realize you want to breath. So unleash!
We started our way to JY Square Mall in Lahug and took  a habal-habal ( motorcycle) way to Sirao. This month is good to visit since flowers are growing due to rainy season unlike the last time I visited Sirao. The gloomy sun was shining through as we were heading! The ride itself with the breeze of the wind that touched my face, it’s fun and refreshing.

The view of flower farm is really not that wide as you see in the picture. I just found an angle to make it look that wide. But really, the flowers are elegantly beautiful.

THE SAD THING:The thing I noticed was that some visitors stepped on the flowers just to take selfies and pictures. I am not saying that taking pictures with the nice flowers is bad but what makes it not good is that they tend to forget that plants are living things too.


staying for a few minutes under the cool shade of the trees …

The good thing I like there is that there is a nice tree that give you s shade while enjoying the cool breeze of air.

Moreover, the thing that I like this travel was our TOPS destination. Though there’s no so much thing you can do in there but the 180 degree view of the City is too relaxing complemented by the fresh and cool air at the top. You can view Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and some part of Bohol.

This place is really a good place to reflect, to unwind or just to simply think things over.




Early 5:30 when we got there and we notice a lot of tourists. Others suit their self with some fun activities other just talking while eating. Mostly taking pictures.



The spectacular City Lights.

This is exactly a great place to sit in with the terrific view of the City below.

One of the tourist said: ” This place make your soul feel alive. A Good place to chill down and the City light is so wonderful to see.

d.jpg                    A good place to reflect, to unwind or just to simply think things over.

Well as for me, it’s not just only a good place– it’s romantic! A couple I notice just sitting beside each other without talking, just watching the twinkling City lights; after few minutes they look at each other & smile. Those were the moments I witnessed while I am too busy taking photos. (di ko bitter)


A table where you can enjoy your foods

1. TOPS is about 2000ft. above sea level and has about a hectare in area.
2. This place is found in Malubog, Busay Cebu City. TOPS is owned by Emro Holdings Inc. Entrance fee is P100. Tops is one of the recommended place by some Cebuanos for guest who wants to relax and enjoy.  Some say this is an ideal place when  courting a love one or proposing for marriage. (Maybe)

3. It has a spacious parking area for motorcycles and cars.
4. There are shops found on the left side if the entrance where you can buy some foods like barbecues, drinks and some souvenirs are available too like personalized key chains hats, etc.. The place has an old bell which they enjoyed banging especially for couples (I don’t know what’s in it for them). There are concrete seats near the viewing area.
5. There are toilet facilities however I suggest to bring your own tissue just in case you need it .

1. Prior in your designated place to visit,make sure to negotiate with the driver the amount. In our travel, we paid the driver P500 (so P250 each since we’re just
2) but that includes our stop to Sirao then to Tops. We traveled by almost 3.00PM then we went home by 7:00 pm. So, the driver waited us in those hours.

2. Better to bring your own snacks and foods

3. Bring your cameras

4. Bring jacket. It’s a bit cold at evening.

Overall, that trip might be too short though but we were relieved and ready to meet tomorrow because it’s time to work again. We feel so refresh!




I.T PARK: Beyond The Heights Is A Story Of Kindness

In haste! Alarmed by the sound of my phone, I quickly rose up from bed and prepared my things. Toke a bath and ate a little. I’m lucky enough I still have Quaker oats left. Training days it was and if I will not be in hurry I know that I will be late!

Proud buildings, a lot of well-known establishments, offices, the smell of foods along the way from restaurants & fast-food chains(hmmm this makes me hungry sometimes),busy moves, quick steps, various people night and day, a man in suit and some in casual, some could say indeed that this is a busy place!


I have been living near Cebu I.T park ( formerly Asiatown Town I.T park) for around 2 years already. I could tell that this place is a real picture of modernization. You’ll meet different faces everyday; some quite familiar. Other pals exchange jokes while meeting along the way, “Oh, you looks family” then laugh echoed while taking pause and having few chit chats!

Also by evening, the ambiance of lights radiate and camouflage the busy environment of the place. Life here seems fast & quite busy.

However, you would also meet people just stayed on other corner watching passer-goers or maybe they just want time to pass while holding coffees or might be tea or might be even beer or what-so-ever!


So much of this, one time I was touched & inspired by the act I witnessed.
Along the side of those great infrastructure & tall buildings, is a certain area where most kids considered it their resting place. Beggars asking by-passers an amount of money or any foods to eat.

You know, you’ll give sympathy in the situation they have but it takes a good heart with the humble act of kindness to show how you really care, just like this kind-hearted Korean guy.

He ordered foods in a nearby fast food chain, McDonalds and called out then fed the kids. Laugh and happiness on those kid’s faces shows how thankful they were as they feasted out the food which was given to them. They keep on smiling and giggling and laughing while some pieces of ketchup and rice was all over their faces.
I stopped by from a distance and toke the pictures; and with a smile in my face, I was touched!image.jpeg

Ps: This was captured August 28,2015😄


This place has so much to offer!

Jobs, works, restaurants, fast food chain, recreation, fun- they are almost here.

Mostly, there are a lot of fun you could do in evening. If you want to find a good place to eat in the middle of the night, there are so much place you could choose to.

SUGBU MERCADO <they are closed by 12 mid night and not open by Sunday, not sure with Saturday> will update this soon



Hot choco fudge is also perfect with cold weather.

There  are options for  food place you can select too.

 FROM STARBUCKS – if you feel Hot😂


… or might be the Xie pieng halo halo from DIMSUM (near Telstra Building) or in CHOWABONGA (near qualfon’s building)


Halo halo From Dimsum

or Milk tea from CHAT TIME ( near eblock3 building).

if you’re a bit hungry and want some pizza, there’s yellow cab ( they have free WiFi😍😍)


I don’t know why but it really feels good to always eat at rainy season. Over all, there are a lot of options you could choose from this place- all depends on your taste and budget. Talking about budget, I am now back to my senses. This has been my on going  issue- awp!😂😂




I.T Park host venues for recreations. Just recently, Coca- cola launched their program with (hashtag) #tasteTheFeeling theme where known endorser Maine Mendoza and Alden were one of the highlight which people really waited in line just to see them. The program was until midnight and there was popular bands performing! It was just a party all night event where people actually stayed in the midst of the rain singing along with the beat of the song as they enjoyed the band’s performance! Watching them from 6th floor from the  building at our station where we were actually taking calls, they seems really had  a great night! Whooooh! 🎤🎼🎤🎼🎻🎸



Police are assigned in area in case for any security reasons @ the said occasion by Coca-cola #tastethefeeling where popular artist Maine Mendoza (yaya Dab) and Alden are one of the main highlight with the well-known bands performing during the night

I.T Park is the project of subsidiary Cebu Property Ventures and Development. A 27 hectare I.T economic zone and modern trading hub. It was recognized as an Information Technology Park by economic Zone Authority Board last April 6, 2000. It was renamed Cebu I.T park ( original name: Asiatown I.T Park) last September 22, 2011 to strengthen the emphasis of the Queen City of the South ( which is Cebu). The park continuously receiving recognitions as the years passed. Presently it offers top class talent and technology just like well-known establishments around the world.

Call centers company are known in this place catering excellent service towards the client and to the customers.


Moreover, people feel good and happy working as it sustains the needs that will bring happiness to our daily needs for each of the families we own. Happiness and fun, they call it “work balance”!


Papakits: Zipline & Horsebackriding Fun

Are you looking for a comfortable place to relax and a fun place to enjoy with friends and family? This is place I could also recommend.

There are lots of affordable rides you could surely enjoy especially if you had not tried zip lining or horseback riding yet. Inside the place is actually a large place and the essence of nature is there. You could also book for rooms if you want to stay but I don’t really know the process and the prices  but you could check it on their websites.


It has been 3 years after we graduated from college. Some might continue with their others courses but mostly of us are working. Several times we talked about meeting again but it was just a talk, never happened. So then to cut the story short, I organized a plan to meet up, created a group chat and then all of us suggested a place. It was then we finalized that we will go to PaPakits.

Papakits and Fishing lagoon is an adventure park and resort located in Liloan, Cebu. You could just tell the driver to drop you off at Papakits, that place is known. It was said that Papakits named after the family patriarch Papa Kito or Democrito Mendoza Sr. The first zip line experience for me is so fun. It surely relieves stress. Perfect for lovers as well. (😍😍😍)


Jungle Obstacle – you have to climb on this cargo net, this is an activity where a kids could enjoy!




Canopy Bridge – for security reasons, climbers have to wear a harness attached to a cable that runs alongside the hanging bridge..


Fishing– This is a cool activity I also like there but we have not tried this because we do not have enough time. Fishing rod is provided but bait has a price. (this I am not sure how much) The fish is 200/kilo once you catch them. Open cottages are built by the sides of the fish pond I am not sure if there is a rent for the cottages.

and of course….. ZIP LINING!



Restaurant– a cozy place you could surely enjoy while watching the a strong current of water running near the restaurant.




The place has a lot of fun to offer. If maybe one time you’d like to be alone, you could stay in their restaurants while drinking some refreshments, enjoying it while watching the views.


This place is quite popular in Liloan some tourist visits here too. We even noticed some koreans having fun. (That endearnment, oppa, oppa.. &&.,$&87;:.,) HAHAHAHA

Horsebackriding is one of the highlight in this place too. You backride and you could really feel like you are the cowgirl/cowboy in that Blockbuster action dramas or movies.

The area is quite wide so you’ll enjoy a walk together with friends while you are heading to other adventure location. For sure kids would love here too.


For the long time time planned we had, though we are not all SD  had met but we really have a good time.


There is so much you could do but giving your time to laugh as you will let others laugh as well is one of the best thing. Life has so much to offer!




Mountain View

Looking for a quite & relaxing place in Cebu?


One of the good place ahead from JY, Lahug is the Mountain View; a place where a lot of locals visiting the place. Picture for nature lover.

Mountain View Nature Park in Busay offers the following: camping sites, gardens, children’s park, swimming pool,  picnics, countless benches of different variations, & a seemingly zoo type place.


The place provide a great view of the City where crowd and noise is everywhere but here, it’s all about fresh air, great view, relaxation & silence.

A place where you could find time for yourself too. image.jpeg

This place is actually good for retreat and seminars too. They also provide seminar halls

From JY Square, there are lots of Habal-habal driver who could give you a ride going to Mountain View. It cost P100 for you which is good for back and forth already. If you want to tour to  Sirao, the flower garden or  in Tops where a good view of the city is seen and also the temple of Leah where a large temple was built, you could just ask the driver but for sure there will be additional charge for that certain tour.

I have visited this 4 spots but I like here more since there are variety you can choose to; from fun to quite moment or whatever emote moment you want to have, it is good there. No one could disturb you.

I was here 4 or 5 years ago, I think. The road is not that good as today. It was a bit so challenging for me before. It was then my close friend in high School and I decided to revisit the place.

Here are some of our pictures together

There is also pool in Mountain View.

This place for sure could make your day a little fun with the touch of adventure and the relaxation through the view of the nature park offers.



This for sure a guarantee that this will be a good place to relax and to enjoy. Sometimes  I go here after work shift.


Me and my friend Gladys with that City on our background❤️



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